the “a midsummer nights dream” project features a partly transparant poster, foldable tracing paper flyer and a book design for william shakespeares classic play. the design consists of three parts which mirror the events, the protagonists and the overwhelming feeling of the meddeling. the poster is parted thrice. the first one being printed magenta on white paper. it shows four hands representing the four main lovers in the play. the next layer is printed cyan on clear acetate. it represents the craftsmen who are in the woods to practice a play of their own in character. the third and final layer is printed yellow on acetate and is inspired by the fairies and their meddeling. the hands are reaching throughout all layers in the way the protagonists do in the story. the three posters would – like the story parts in the play – work without the others, but together they add up to the final, magnificent piece. the tracing paper flyer works in the same way the poster does. the layers are printed on a single sheet and add up when the flyer is folded. on the back there is a sticker with all further information. the book cover matches the poster design. inside of the book there are two coloumns. one with the text in the traditional old english, and on the opposite side a more modern translation. the hands are illustrating the text, next to their protagonists in the book. the colors are also used to underline factures of the text which need further explaination in the margins. the hands are also found as chapter dividers, featuring the main protagonists in the following part of the play.

bookcover – charlottas reise

“charlottas fantastische reise nach flüsterleise” is a sci-fi book for adults who are young at heart. you accompany a little girl named charlotta on her travels through the galaxy on a seagull. the story is playfull and fun but with a very dark humour not suited for kids. the cover is designed to transfer the overall feeling of the story into a visual concept without looking particularly like a childrens book. this project was created to participate in a cover design contest.

bookcover – september

“The Girl Wo Circumnavigated Fairyland In A Ship Of Her Own Making” (here with it’s german title) is a fairytale for everyone who is playfull and young at heart. it tells the adventures of a little girl who gets brought to fairyland and her friends: a marid and a wyvery – half wyvern half library. the bookcover features the wyvery – his tail evoking the image of a boat. the design of the bookcover is rather clean to speak to an audience of every age. the watercolor texture and the handwritten script give the whole thing the playfulness the story deserves. this project has been realized in a seminar at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz

editorial – burnout

if you suffer from burnout you are often overwhelmed by your whole environment. everything is just too much and you feel like you just can’t cope anymore. its exhausting and frustrating. the illustration is based on hidden object pictures – except there is nothing really to find. there are a lot of objects and patterns which might confuse or overstrain the viewer. at the same time it’s interesting enough to catch the eye. the office environment takes up the message of the the article, which speaks about burnout at the workplace. the charred cubicle makes it quite obvious what the article is about, without giving it away immediately. this project has been realized in a seminar at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz

a gastric transmutation

“a gastric transmutation” is a screen printed, 16 page zine. it illustrates it’s title – which consists of three randomly chosen words. the title to work with chose itself via an online word generator and dice. “a gastric transmutation” now tells the story of the alcemistic transmutation – to turn other materials into gold – using the human digestive system. instead of turning other metals into gold – like alchemists intended – the material to be transmuted are feces. this makes the whole thing more skurril and not only visualizes the phrase “turning shit into gold” in a bizarr way, but also refers to the allegory of having to eat shit before something good can happen. this project has been realized in a seminar at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz

editorial – hohe luft

hohe luft is a german philosophy magazine that often features various illustrators. the illustration of an article has to motivate the reader to not just read the headline – but to dive further into it’s content. also in this case it has to speak to a rather sophisticated audience. to not make it too obvious what the articles are about the images are abstract visual interpretations of the content. This project was realized in a seminar at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz

editorial – into the blue

“Zeit Magazin” did an issue on travelling. it contained amongst other things a series of loose storys, coloumns and reports on travel. the overall theme was “into the blue” , which should be advertised on the cover of the magazine. travelling into the blue not only puts a feeling of vacation across. it also conveys a feeling of vastness, endless blue sky, endless deep sea. a journey into the blue is also a journey into the unknown, which is characterized by the paper ship. it can not be steered and the destiny is uncertain. this project has been realized in a seminar at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz

klippklapp book

Klippklapp is a private project I did. the outlines for the 21 creatures and the writing were made with ballpen and then scanned. to not only color them but fill them with texture, i created, scanned and edited an individual watercolor pattern for each of them. those were used once for a creature and than again for the writing next to it. finally i arranged them all nicely, and took them to the printer. i cut and bound them myself and added a handwritten title to the cover. since i already had all the content on the computer, the next logic thing to do seemed to recreate the book as an online experience. i processed the images for the website and provided brian with everything necessary to make it happen.

visit klippklapp-buch.de

avatar design – styx

styx is a german youtuber with his priority on let’s plays. since they only ever hear his voice he wanted to give his audience a face to it. the avatar is designed in his likeness and works as well in different online applications as in print (sticker and such).