the “a midsummer nights dream” project features a partly transparant poster, foldable tracing paper flyer and a book design for william shakespeares classic play. the design consists of three parts which mirror the events, the protagonists and the overwhelming feeling of the meddeling. the poster is parted thrice. the first one being printed magenta on white paper. it shows four hands representing the four main lovers in the play. the next layer is printed cyan on clear acetate. it represents the craftsmen who are in the woods to practice a play of their own in character. the third and final layer is printed yellow on acetate and is inspired by the fairies and their meddeling. the hands are reaching throughout all layers in the way the protagonists do in the story. the three posters would – like the story parts in the play – work without the others, but together they add up to the final, magnificent piece. the tracing paper flyer works in the same way the poster does. the layers are printed on a single sheet and add up when the flyer is folded. on the back there is a sticker with all further information. the book cover matches the poster design. inside of the book there are two coloumns. one with the text in the traditional old english, and on the opposite side a more modern translation. the hands are illustrating the text, next to their protagonists in the book. the colors are also used to underline factures of the text which need further explaination in the margins. the hands are also found as chapter dividers, featuring the main protagonists in the following part of the play.