my name is lisa wolf – as you might have guessed – and i’m super excited that you’re having a look at my website! i really really hope you like my work as much as i do, for i am so looking forward to work with you!

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or maybe you might want to know a little bit more about me first. that’s probably the reason you clicked on the menu button in the first place, wasn’t it? ha. thought it might have. so. here it goes.

i am a passionate illustrator, professional escapist (also the other way around) and kind of a nerd sometimes. i love the resarch that comes which each illustration. getting fully involved with something awesome and helping to make it more accessible for a brighter audience – thats the dream! i even have qualifications to do so. i am a freelance illustrator since 2017 and i am currently studying communications design at HS Mainz / Germany. between 2017 and 2018 i studied illustration abroad at the Norwich University of the Arts / United Kingdom. i also am a fully trained media designer in digital and print with a focus on conception and visualization. in other words: i not only draw pretty pictures, i also know my data formats, print processes, operating cycles and whatnot. my scholar education has always been design focused as well. i learned all the basics about art history / drawing / perspective / calligraphy / photography and printmaking at the Lothar von Faber Schule in Nürnberg / Germany and deepened it with some practica in analouge photography, silk screen printing and media design.

if you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!
i’m happy to hear from you!

mail hello@lisa-wolf.com

call +49 151 26 99 60 58